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WeWent is a marketplace and a talent-pool of facilitators, trainers and business coaches. It is built to serve upskilling and reskilling needs immediately without a restriction of working with one agency.


Our mission is to help you find the best quality end-to-end team and organizational knowledge services on demand basis. We work with a network of more than 200 experienced skills workshop providers, business trainers and coaches who provide hands-on learning.

Why WeWent founded "Shake up the Workplace!"

When WeWent future skills collection was in progress it was obvious workplaces needed a mindset shift. The majority of growth conversations that are based on "Technology" need to shift to "Growing with People" at the workplace. To tackle this transformative journey and its challenges, WeWent partnered up with a team of experts to create a "Future of Work" ecosystem facilitating positive change through collaboration and experimentation. This movement kickstarted with a Future of Work unconference called, Shake up the Workplace!

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Dufaux-Strasse 56, 8152 Zürich

Dufaux-Strasse 56, 8152 Zürich