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Every brand has a story.

We create your digital company profile and you integrate it everywhere.

At VideoJobs, we enable all brands to share their unique history, explain their products and the future challenges they face. This gives a genuine overview of the company to all interested stakeholders. To achieve this, we proceed as follows:

Step 1: Production

Preparation with VideoJobs' Digital LibraryProduction Day: Filming and Photoshooting at your office

Step 2: Digital Company Profile Creation

Description, articles and links to your channels

Step 3: Seamless Integration

Your websiteYour favourite job boards
  • 3 Testimonial Videos

  • +10 Workspace Pictures

  • +12 Months VideoJobs Hosting and Integration

Integrate your company profile to your job posts

Live Preview
SwissDevJobs Website Mockup

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The process is streamlined and it only took 3 weeks between the first contact and publishing our media content. We will keep working together.

Rémi Collet, Account Manager.