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Highlight your company culture and find the right talent

Through videos and pictures, we enable companies to introduce themselves to candidates.

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VideoJobs Illustration
VideoJobs Illustration

Promote your employer brand

You make this world a better place, share your vision with potential candidates. Increase your employer attractiveness with a company profile featuring staff members video interviews and workspace pictures.

VideoJobs makes job boards interactive

Use your recruiting videos and pictures in our partner job boards. Embed widgets in your career page and where candidates need a sneak peek of your business.

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VideoJobs Illustration

3 easy steps to your Employer Profile

1. Kick Off and Briefing

First, let's talk together about your shoot. Access our documents to prepare your team and your pitch.

2. Production

A photo/video professional will meet you in your office to create the media content.

3. Integration in job portals and websites

Use all your media assets exactly where applicants need the information.

VideoJobs Profile

Leverage the power of professional media content

Showcase your vision, what makes you different from others, and why your employees like working for you. Share your philosophy and culture with potential candidates.

Authentic Media Content
Authentic Media Content

Present yourself as you are. Highlight the day to day life in your company.

Immersive Experience
Immersive Experience

Craft an exploration of your culture and activities.

Culture and Story
Culture and Story

Share 24/7 and anywhere in the world what makes you different from others.


Use your pictures and videos on your website and preferred job boards.

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What our clients think

Rémi C. I Randstad

The process is streamlined and it only took 3 weeks between the first contact and publishing our media content. We will keep working together.Rémi C. I Randstad

Rémi C. I Randstad

We enjoyed the uncomplicated way of collaborating and all the possibilities that Videojobs offers us to present ourselves.Rea H. I PEAX

Rémi C. I Randstad

The VideoJobs team has always been there to support us and guide us to make our videos look their best, from preparation to post-production. Thank you!Shkelzen H. I Sogema Softwares