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Habitects is the digital retail & service platform for the sanitary sector in Switzerland.


The objective of Habitects is to automate the handling of construction projects and to provide practical, time and cost-saving solutions for everyday life. Tools for collaboration, specification and bathroom design are constantly being developed. Business and private customers benefit from a wide range of services on a single online platform.

Planners and sanitary technicians are challenged:

It should be modern, functional, and stylish, barrier-free for all age groups - an extra here, a must-have there. The range of technical refinements on the market is correspondingly diverse. This complexity not only overtaxes non-professionals but also demands enormous expertise from professionals.

Other markets have shown us that we have the right solution: Digital business models offer promising solutions to cope with this complexity. It is therefore time to rethink and to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization also in the sanitary sector!

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Klosterstrasse 34, 8406 Winterthur

Klosterstrasse 34, 8406 Winterthur